Wednesday, July 26, 2006

CXP is Open for Business

For the past year I have been involved in developing a product called CXP at Sento Corporation, my employer. Today was a soft release of the product, although we have been operating it in production for two pilot clients for a few months. I am very happy about this release, I am proud of the product.

This product grew out of internal discussions about where to go next with Sento's Right Channeling offerings. Sento has traditionally provided a suite of tools and services in support of Right Channeling which have been the main differentiating feature between us and our competitors. CXP grew out of a desire to keep that goodness going.

The term CXP is a psuedo-acronym for Customer Experience Platform. It's an SAAS (Software As A Service) tool that enables complex rules-based behaviors on existing sites. It's having a pronounced positive impact on the sites we have deployed it on so far.

The development of CXP began in the application development group that I have managed for the past two years. At first it was just one of many projects that I was directing, but over time it has grown legs and has required my full-time attention, so I have moved into the VP of Product Development role.


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