Sunday, March 06, 2005

Principles for Professional Excellence

I have been thinking and reading about execution and professional excellence. I have compiled a list of principles that I believe are the keys to professional excellence. They are:
  1. Create a portfolio of personal successes
  2. Get important things done
  3. Always seek out and expose truth and reality
  4. Take on only that which you can successfully complete
  5. Understand how your company makes money
  6. Understand how you contribute to your company’s success
  7. Do things to increase your capacity to contribute to your company’s success
  8. Maintain a positive balance in your value account with the organization
  9. Always do what you say you will do
  10. Build strong working relationships with people
This list may seem obvious, but I submit that there are few people who are good at all of these items, myself included.


Blogger Nick said...

Great list. I think that about sums up what I *try* to do, but you're definitely right, easier said than done!

1:58 PM  
Blogger mrjoe said...

I keep coming back to the list Dave, fantastic and to the point an

2:39 AM  

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