Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Another McNamee?

It is very rare that I bump into someone else with my last name that is not a member of my immediate family. Windley has blogged a posting with a Roger McNamee in it, which was fun for me. I feel sorry for people name Smith or Jones because they do not get to experience the feeling of uniqueness that comes from having a rare last name unless the move to Uganda or somewhere else like that.

I think there are a lot of underlying human nature issues and technology issues here. We all want to have our own unique identity. I guess my subconscious (until today) satisfaction in having a strange last name is confirmation of that fact. It is also fun to find someone who shares some unique attribute with you, to find someone who is wierd in the same way that you are wierd, like speaking the same obscure eastern european language or sharing a birthday.

This need to have a unique identity is part of the reason I am considering purchasing an i-name and causes me to regret very deeply letting lapse into the hands of some unknown dominican entity. I am who I am in real life, but this blog and i-names and domains and eBay ratings are becoming more and more important. They become a very real part of who I am. They are our present day Avatars. I am not breaking any trails by saying that these things will become more and more important as time passes.


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