Thursday, December 16, 2004

Thoughts on Blogging

I started my first weblog while I was working for the state of Utah. Phil Windley, then the CIO of the state, encouraged state workers to start weblogs. I was one of a small handful that followed his suggestion. It was a very educational experience in two ways: first, I learned about the power of blogging, and second, I learned that state employment and the open communication encouraged by blogging do not mix well.

Phil has suggested recently that I start blogging again. I had been thinking about it and his suggestion pushed me over the edge. In order to blog you really have to get over yourself, especially if it is a collection of your thoughts and ruminations. It's going to be out there for everybody to read. That's just the nature of this medium. You have to be OK with that.

Recently I was at an event in the town I grew up in. A person I knew from my childhood came up to me and mentioned that he had read about me on the internet-and in my own words. He had found my blog somehow. At first I was a little caught off guard. What did he read? What had I written about? I finally had to tell myself to let it go, to get over it, and that it was ok.

Now, I am not saying that I am going to write about just anything. If you look at some of the more successful bloggers, like Windley, you will see a very narrow range of subjects on their blogs. Sure, you will see the occasional posting on something off the wall, but mostly they stay on topic. I guess that's a safe way to go, especially if you want your blog to be your own little PR tool. That's not a bad purpose for a blog. It only works if you can write something interesting.


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