Thursday, December 30, 2004

Remarkable People

The following quote came to me in one of the email newsletters that I subscribe to from Kirk Weisler.

“Breakthrough performance is rooted in remarkable people. To attract, retain and leverage remarkable people YOU must weave the connection between their passions, their work, and one another.”

Dick Eaton
Founder and Chief Energizing Officer
Leapfrog Innovations

I think the essence of this statement is that you have to connect the people with the right talents with the right roles. If they have the right talents or passions then they will thrive in the corresponding role. I think oftentimes we are obliged to accept people with acquired skills rather than holding out for true talent.

One thing I believe is that every person has valuable talents and sometimes they don't realize what they are. Sometimes a manager needs to help his or her people identify what those talents are and steer them in a direction that will allow them to apply those talents on a daily basis.


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