Monday, December 20, 2004

Project Moxie

I am finding that the success of any project can be traced to one or two people with the drive to solve problems and make things happen. That person can be any member of the project team. If somebody on the team has the desire to get things done and the time to focus on it, chances are good they will push through.

I think this is true even when a project is structured in a formal or semi-formal project lifecycle with PMI-certified project managers. Project management adds a level of predictability and visibility to the project that is difficult to achieve otherwise. But a successful project can always be traced to a few people with moxie. Oftentimes it is a project manager who provides the moxie.

After a while you can tell those who have it from those who don't. It is important to note here that it is not realistic to expect everyone to have the same amount of moxie. We all have different talents, and there is a need for hardworking people with lower moxie levels. The tough thing to do as a hiring manager is to find talented people with moxie. It happens less than 10% of the time.


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